Nov 25, 2009

Best Friend, Crime Partner, and Enemy

P/s : Reedited the whole post bcos i find my blog is so
eff-ing BORING

The blog's owner was puzzle and stucked up with her oh-so-boring mode
ever since she stopped drinking..
alcohol level drop thou (thats how Kenny explained)

Anyway, can u guess whose my bestfriend, enemy and crime partner ?


Tips : Shes the ONE i shared all my secrets and
Shes the ONE i treasured the most..

and here is where and how we met.. OWS/CTA..
(aint camwhore is the best medicine when you need to work full day on SATURDAY)
Yeps, thats my messy yet full of bugs opis.. Thats Melvin, the guy standing at the middle
Looks freaking irresistibly GAY rite ?
thus he's the ONE, people thought I'll be marrying to..
thanks to my BIG BOSS with his unlogical theory.. FML

and here is another ONE -> KENNY LEE YEW FAI !!!!
Da lansi ONE

The ONE who always bully me T.T

But when im sick, he'll drive all the way to buy me this
well~ its jus bcos he's the ONE who makes me sick....
He's probably GUILTY thou!

and he also bought me this (imma lovin it so muchie)
and the Rose Lavender Ciggy (2 Pax)

In return, I gave him.......... this :


So, any answer yet ?
Whose my best friend, crime partner and enemy ?

- The End -

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