Nov 1, 2009

Today is bittersweet

The last day of work! Written on 28th Oct 2009,
but I just dun have the time to publish it..

That day I was clearing my desk. Consolidating my emails and documents to ensure that the person taking over my baby looks after it properly. When I took over the project, it was going into production with a bucket load of issues not worked out yet. I just don't like outstanding issues and i hate it so I hafta make sure it will not happen to the person who are going to take over my place. (Fuh, sounds as if im a responsible and organized person)

FYI, I’m moving on to something different and hopefully better, but leaving this company has been a difficult and sad decision. I’m leaving because I’m trying to find a work experience as satisfying as the night when my friend called to laugh. I'm too tired with such a long working hours up to midnight.

But there are many other reasons besides increasing job satisfaction but I won’t go into them now. Seriously working at this company have changed my views and I've grew up alot, way alot. I'm enjoyed every experience shared, friendship made, opportunity offered and good times esp the upbeat attitude. But life goes on. I need to take the first step in order to achieve a better life and working on my passion.

Pst: Im going to miss each of you esp Sha, Alyn and CLY


I know I haven't been updating for a while now. People must be wondering where the heck I am when i'm officially jobless now. FYI I've been very busy the past few month, and now i'm busy in helping my friend with her new start up business, from web designs, write-up, consultancy, marketing and fashion (coming soon).

It was a real challenge indeed, from designing a web, write-ups of each company and products, learning about e-commerce, photographing the pieces, adding them in one by one, to studying small business laws and legislation in Malaysia. It may be small, but I'm more than determined to make it work. Boohoo!

- The End -

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