Sep 3, 2010

I love U

There are so many unhappy thingy that strikes my mind lately - my health, my work, my friends..
Idk where to start or how to start..
I m struggling to find the words to describe the cataclysmic
I m not as tough as you think,
I m breaking down anytime by now..
I keep forcing myself not to think, not to sad, not to hurt myself nemore
but.. pain is the only thing that can stop myself from thinking all this shits..

Luckily I have my precious furry balls by my side..

When eva I'm unhappy
they are the one who light up my light up my life
they are the one who cheer me up when im down..
they are my good listeners ..
and they will never eva hurt me except scratching/biting me at times.. WTF!

Anyhoo, I LOVE YOU !!!

Pst! Kindly ignore my messy and unglam nerdo expression


1 comment:

Dylan Phuah said...

aww...dont be down. cheer up kay :)