Sep 16, 2010

Jamie and Jooles

Holiday is over and everyone is back to their ol' hectic city life - congestion on the road, out of parking slot, uncivilized and uncultured driver everywhere, oily marks on my windscreen, even the bird starts bullying me by shitting on my car, everything is back to square one.. and it ain't fun at all ;( and there aren't any holiday available in the month of October/November/December (besides Christmas).. fml ! What a life !!!

Anyhoo no special during the Raya holiday as I just crashed on the sofa with both of my dogs watching movies from early in the morning til late midnights in the same sluggish pyjama ;p Oh well, I know Im such a dirty brat but its holiday so its forgivable rite ? uhm.. I'll just gonna take ur silent answer as 'Yes' ;p hahhahaa!

I know less update with less pictures again altho I am fully occupied every single weekends.. I think its time for me to get a new camera. Yes, I've made up my mind.. I think I'll go for a new camera than a new phone after dog-walking with Ai Lin after work last Tuesday ;) Ai Lin strongly threatened me to get rid of my slow motion camera with vava-voom flash, red eyes and easily blurred pictures.. So it's time to research for a new camera ;) Any suggestion ?


Picture time ;) Yes, we took more than 100 pictures during the 2 hours.. Entire album upload in my facebook, check it out ! ;)

Us, on the way ;)

Camwhore awhile while waiting for the traffic light to turn green ;)

Let me introduce you Jamie and Jooles ;) and kindly ignore the blue monsta ;p

and thats me ;) trying to go near as they doesn't like when they first saw me thou ;( How sad ! But it turns out well ;) They keep sleeping on my flabby lab and play fetch with me altho i goes more violent than them.. wtf!

Btw it was my first time dog-walking, its really fun altho he kept pulling me while he saw cat, bird, anything that beyond his eye sight.. fml! Luckily I m strong enough to hold him or else I think I'll bang by any car beside the road while he's running towards the so-called moving objects ;)

After dog-walking, its camwhore time.. but tis time, its with the dogs ;) Luckily they are so cooperative with me despite the flash irritates them alot.. Sowee !!! But I just can't resist myself from taking pix with them as they are irresistibly adorable.. Aww they are so kiut and obedient as compare to the blue monsta ;p Kidding!


I miss them alot..

Love you loads

- The End -

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