Sep 17, 2010

Red light

Jesus, there are hell lots of things on my desk ;( things waiting to be confirm, quotation waiting to be prepare, checking air tix, hotels and etc but i TAKRAK mood to work on it at all..

So i decided to update my blog.. wee~ aint im smart ;)

Oh well, I realized I have a very bad driving habit which I couldn't control. No no, not scolding the foul words (altho I did it quite often) ;p fml! back to the topic, FYI I've a habit of red light running which I don't even realized altho everyone pinpointed me the same problem over and over again. I doesn't know whats on my mind but it's really dangerous thou cos that day I ran a red light and almost got into accident :9 which freaks Mandy off like hell ;p I'm sorry ;) I'll try to change kay ;)


Last week my 2nd ex during highschool added me in FB, its almost 10 years that we've last contact. Jeez, this shows how powerful is Facebook, to get us connected and stay connected.. wth and wtf as I never thought he will add/contact me back as we broke up in a very bad way and he even message me and talk like as if we're those long lost friend, he even invited me out for dinner next week which I am still considering. I know I sounds so immature now but I just don't know how am i going to re-act when I see him ;( fml! Dumbo me ;( SLAP ME KILL ME WAKE ME UP!


That day there's a friend of mine asked me 'aren't you tired to be alone ?/ Uhm, seriously I don't, or maybe I am too scared to start a new relationship after all ? Yes, I am.. I m lack of self-confident as I don't think people out there will accept me but life goes on, I won't blame them.

Thus I have a problem in believing people too, omg, idk what's wrong with me ? Maybe guys are still being guys who are just allergies to pretty woman, so in love with many woman would be normal for them. Setting dating schedule is their favourite games and they fall in love as easy as they catches cold, esp if she is cute, funny and has strong personality. No one can tell you how long they will be in love each time. Scary monsta don't they ?

- The End -

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Dylan Phuah said...

being single is the best. =]