Sep 2, 2010

Merdeka 2010

Holla !!! i m back =) Pls do not ask me where I've been or what I am busy lately , let me jus syok-sendiri pretending to be one-of-the-busiest people altho I'm NOT (self-consoling) *cough*. Anyway, did you guys ever realized that there's holiday every week from now on ?

31st August : National Day
10-12th Sept : Hari Raya Puasa *rendang, ketupat & etc*
(OMG! its time to EAT again)
16th Sept : Malaysia Day

I know you are as excited as me *jumping in joy*

So how you spent your Merdeka eve ?
Couch potato-ing @ home ?
Countdown @ the city ?
Clubbing ? or ... ?

Let's see what's my last minute Merdeka plan

We went to Opiumm @ Jaya One for drinks as my idiotic cousin bro is so freaking boring. He called me at 10p.m, threatening me, uhum, i mean telling me nicely that I've 15 mins only to dress up, make up and shit ! t4 i quickly text both of my bestie along to accompany my lovely dovey cousin bro. Duh! Aint im sucha good friend + good cousin ;)

Enjoy the pix =) Altho there's nothing to enjoy ;p

Happy Merdeka !!!


Wanted to post about mua favourite denim and stripes outfit but I m just too lazy to blog about it *sweat* I can't stop myself from buffering movie at home with popcorns on my left hand and a big cup of pepsi on my right.. Aaaahh! mua life is sooooo fantastique et fabuleux *LOL!*

Sorry for leaving my blog empty for so long.. Well, I can't really find anything to update as my life is so freaking dull, boring and lifeless.. I don't mind to update every single day if you can stand with my long-winded grandma stories plus my camwhore pix, as there are x216437536438 of camwhore pix waiting to be upload in this blog... Hahahhaa ! Stay Tune !

O ya, my handphone and camera are seriously breaking down.. so shud i get myself a new handphone or a camera ? FML ! im in serious dilemma ;(


- The End -


Dylan Phuah said...

blog more blog more :))
i'll be waiting.. :) get a new camera! XD

Lynette said...

Haha! I will I will.. I'll try to blog more and bombard my blog with lotsa pictures of me ;) *evil grins*

Camera huh ! But most of my friend advise me to get myself a handphone.. But if without a camera, i cant blog til i get all the pictures from my friends.. *sigh*

DILEMMA !!!! HELP !!!!