Jun 26, 2011

Double Trouble

Here I am running errands for my mum as what a good daughter should.. yes, dad and mum were at China for few weeks long. T4 I m left at home with my idiotic bro ;( Not good ! Being the eldest in the family, I have to :-

(a) Wash clothes - luckily washing machine is invented..boohoo !
(b) Fold/Iron clothes.. Fml ! I need a robot to do this and that for me ;(
(c) Wash the car - total 4 cars @ home + boyfie = so 5 cars in total
(But I just washed 3 tis week) *wink*
(d) Boil medicine for myself (3 days once)
Improved after failing twice ;)

(e) Bath the 2 monsta, feed them with food and water everyday, change their urine pad.. which I spend most of my time cleaning up their pee and poop after work.. KNS !
(f) Change bed-sheet
(g) Most importantly :- Be a good daughter - I am,
by taking good care of my idiotic bro ;) RIGHT ? my cute lil bro ;)

From the above, you know how BUSY i am ;)

But still it won't stop me from bombarding my blog with my pictures ;)
*Evil grins*
(This are all taken from the Bangkok Trip)

FYI we were penniless in Bangkok because we spent too much on the 1st day itself, ugh, not good! I know as Im really sucks in money management, same goes to SK, so both of us failed really bad managing our money *sweat*

t4 we spend 3rd night @ hotel doing idiotic thingy and snap hell lotsa picture..
So here it is ;)

First : Thailand femes exotic massage from Nette, n its FOC ;)
Yes, FOC but only to my precious bf and bff ;)
(Aint im sucha good gf ?)
No wonder my boyfie lub me so muchie ;)

Yes, tis is my bff - Wen a.k.a Mosquitoe ;)

Three-some ;)

38 moment !!!

Ju-On version

This pictures all are highly protected and its gonna publish in my blog only ! Because I knew I'll lost few number of readers (as if I have any) as in all this photos are definitely gonna tarnish the angelic reputation of me. tee-hee!

Thats all, good night ;)

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