Jun 18, 2011

Scattered dreams

Sometimes I wish I am still a little girl who could live like a fairytale.. or a little girl who have billions of dreams which now my mum categorized it under 'Fat-dreams'. Everyday urging me to wake up from the so-called fat-fat dreams ;( A far-reached fat dreams .. wtf and fml!

Since small, I always wants to have my own boutique.. thus I worked very hard since young, real hard, never ever want to miss any chance to earn a single penny into my pocket. Everyone might thought I m money-minded or spendthrift + high maintenance (LOL! yes, first time hearing it myself too). FML!

And I m super happie to see my saving reaching 5 figure in the age of 18. Bare in mind, I'm not from a wealthy family. My pocket-money during coll is never more than RM250 per month and while everyone having fun outside on weekends, I m couch-potato-ing at home, snuggled under my blanket watching dvd, pirated some more.. sounds cheapo aite, yes, thats me ! You wouldn't know how much penny I save just to have my very-own boutique in the future. Its a real torturing process ! Deep down I know that if I ever want to do something that I love, I need to finance it myself because fashion is something that I've always, always wanted to do.

I really hope that I could build and merchandise my very own fashion line + boutique. But my mum doesn't seems to be supportive as she who always wanted me to follow the conventional path, working in the top management, climbing corporate stairs. She find it's a waste to own a boutique after studying 4 years in Public Relations. She belief I could go further. But boutique is something I m whole-heartedly passionate about ;( I'll never give up, I belief one day I'll change her mind.

Counting the days

- The End -

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