Jun 16, 2011

Shopping in Bangkok

Sawadeekap ;)

I m back from Bangkok, my fav country of all - Shopping paradise !!! my first priority of all ;) No where else like Bangkok which can satisfy my shopping lust.. Its the only place whereby I don't mind visiting once in every year ;) or twice or thrice if I could afford for the air ticket, hotels and etc ;p

This time I went BKK with 2 of mua darlings - SK and Wen.

We stayed at Budacco Hotel (introduced by Kim) instead of Baiyoke Boutique, it's located @ Pratunam, whereby it is just 5 mins walk away from Platinum Mall. *much love*

It's a very new boutique hotel with multi-colour selection of rooms from purple, pink, yellow, apple green and sky blue but unfortunately we got yellow instead of pink ;(

First day - we went to Chatuchak (the femes wholesale weekend market). We shop til we hafto buy a big 'red white blue PVC bag' fml

Kindly ignore my super-stim face after diarrhea so many times at Chatuchak and not forgotten the killer weather ;(

but luckily we have a private 'kuli' to carried all our goodies ;) excited max !!!

Second day - Platinum Mall + MBK. Me personally not really fancy MBK but I like to shop around the tunnel. Couldn't find the tunnel on the first day, disappointed max. But luckily we managed to find the tunnel on the 2nd day ;) FYI the tunnel is connected from MBK to Tokyu, 2nd floor, right opposite Watson. If you still couldn't find the place, you can asked around for Bonanza Mall ;)

Last day we walked along the Pratunam street, Four-faced buddha @ Erawan Shine, Platinum Mall, Siam Centre and etc. Just wandering around, sight-seeing and taking photo as we're totally broke with zero cents til we spend the whole day walking instead of taking tut-tut.. FML!

- More in next post,
gonna end this post with ONE more picture -

Khụ̄n thī̀dī

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