Jul 27, 2011


Instagram is love, I know I m so 6472674287 times outdated.. Im awake nao ;) heh..

At 1st I never gave Instagram much thought until one day, I was dead bored at home and I started playing with the application installed in my Iphone esp Instagram (0ne of the apps I really love on my iPhone) for nao.

I was very well impressed by Instagram, it’s fun thou and the results are nice to look at. There are number of settings to choose from to enhance your apps and one of the great benefits is that Instagram is free too. So if you have an iOS device and I'm sure it's available for other mobile operating systems then do check it out.

You become quite addictive to tweaking your pictures and enhancing them even further.. and I just can't think of any reason for not to camwhore ;p

Instagram is a place whereby you can share everything from :

Mua fav lacey-jegging
My idiotic doggy - as idiotic as the owner.. salute!

and I get to view all the cute and funny pictures of dog all over the world(as per attached below)



Last but not least, a picture of crazey us ;)

See I TOLD YA, Iphone is perfect-o but Instagram is Love ! Excited max !

No pretention whatsoever. I love it! The immediacy and lo-fi quality—no waiting, no fussing, and absolutely no expectation that the resulting photo was going to be museum-quality. Just instantaneous FUN. Plus, there are definitely plenty of times when I might feel a little silly pulling out my camera to take a picture of something, but a little iPhone? So handy, so easy, and so inconspicuous.

It’s important to just see the fun side of stuff sometimes, and it’s okay to create stuff that isn’t perfect or high-end. In the end, it’s good to just be creating for the sake of creating. Even if it’s just for yourself, and even if everyone else is doing it too.

If you have an iPhone, download Instagram (it’s free!) and see what you think. You can find me there as lynettel

Nothin’ fancy. Just fun.

- The End -

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