May 3, 2012


Here are few pix from last Sunday afternoon ;) I know it sounds unbelievable as I hardly step out from my house on weekends esp SUNDAY. But I have 4 days off - which mean I can eat, play, sleep,eat and sleep again *jumping in joy* bua ha ha hahahaha! 

Or else I would be a lazy bum repeatedly on every usual weekend - sleeping whole day in the same pyjama that I wore for 3 or 4 freaking days with smelly oily hair cos I did not bath for 2 days long ;p

Thus I will end up looking like this :- SMELLY PIGGU !

  I was just kidding wey.. I m not that GELI lor.. I heard there are alot of pretty ladies out there who are kinda unhygienic in certain way but Im not lor - altho I m categorized under the grp of pretty mamalia ~~ tee-hee *cough*

OK, i heard you. Yala yala, i know i will only be pretty after sapu-ing numerous thingy on my face.. wtf!

But you can actually lure me out on a weekend thou........ with FOOD + SHOPPING ;) Cos I would not said 'NO' to my beloved FOOD plus my mum always encourage me to exercise more = shop more ! Cos shopping is always a form of healthy exercise to ME ;p Indeed, researchers calculated that around three hours of shopping could help burn off the 495 calories in a Big Mac. Don't belief ? You can read more from here. You see ! I told you ! Now you belief me don't you (O.o)

BTW back to topic, I had a great dinner @ C.A.F.F.E.I.N.E.E.S, Jln Kampung Pandan with SK and Yinnie

Their concept is just like LeVain, they converted this old bungalow into a look-a-like Italian cafe

Interior : Nice and cozy ambiance with simple decoration

Let's see what we had ordered that night :-

Aglio Olio + Chicken Fettuccine
which I know it doesn't looks alike and it taste like a curry noodle more -__-lll sweat! 

And I ordered Apple Lime Blended - because it written in the menu -> good for SLIMMING! ;p

 We ordered Chicken wings and Onion Sausage too (TOP LISTED)

Last but not least, TIRAMISU ;) which I purposely come back just to taste it again. You know what I like these the most ? Its the liquor hiding beneath it ;) Yum~~~~~my! And plsssss, do not disapproved my love to alcohol ;p and once again, I m so-not an alcoholic !!!

Last pix of greedy SK and moi ;)

 Thats all for today

Taaaaa !!!

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