May 7, 2012

My little shih tzu

Woofie everybody. Today I m going to blog about my cute lil pie ----> Epal

 There's an unfortunate thing happened when Epal was a puppy, my friend forced to give her away due to certain reason.. So i decided to adopt her, of cos with the help of my parents ;p
Because I m uberly broke 2 years back as I am jobless *sigh*
In order to get my mum's approval, I hafta STOP shopping for 1 month so that I have $ to sent her for grooming, tidbits, clothhes and etc (Everything not cheap thou)
 (Yes, I m so '伟大' right ? Lolol! can you see I have the angelic ring above my head *wink wink*)

End story, so this is how I met Epal. Another member added into the Lee family ;)
*crying in joy *


I've just realized that I have not officially introduce her in my blog, despite she photo-bomb-ed appeared in every pics of mine since 2 years ago.. and basically she is more popular than I do. And people likes her more than me *sob* But nemind, Im willing to shared my fame with her ;p Angelic smile !

As I said, she will just pop-up in every pix.. #oufitoftheday, #instagram, #blog, etc -__-lll esp when Im on my one on one moment with Baby, she just pop-up from no where. Baby mad max !!!

Epal. Baby. Nette
Outfit of the day : See her miang post.. kenot tahan lorr !!!

She happily sit on the couch when I bz snapping my best purchase of the month
Or happily wagging tails when Im taking nonsense pix

See !!! I told you.. She is sucha attention seeker - suppasta wannabe !!! 

When I first met her, she is as ugly as ugly duckling lor, seriously ~~~ no kidding !!!
You see.. Scary right ? ;p

 But no worries, being a pretty mama.. I will share all my beauty remedy with her..
She will soon turn into a swan - but onlygodknowswhen ;p

 At times she is quite cute thou, she just love to pose with her 'leher senget sebelah'. You can see it in most of my pix later on..


And she damn pattern when she sleep, her tongue will just stucked out everytime when she dozed off



Female dog is no less than a true female, she super damn mao cantik lorrrrr.
Same as owner ... Lolol !!! *cough cough*
And every morning, she will just sit there looking at my mum applying make-up from A-Z

She is quite fashionable too. Really looks like her mama (me) teehee

When I feel delightful to take a picture with her, she will make her face (as picture attached) as if like she being forced... wtf!

Epal's mao-hentam face

And she likes doing the 3 point turn- spinning, turning and circling before lying down

You see, before she walks into her princess bed, she can still POSE ! kow-tow max !
Can you tell me what kind of dog she is -___-lll
Awwww, cuteness overload .. love her max !!!

Anyhoo, just wanna let you know :- Mama Love You very much
 Despite u eat your own paws-licking-good-poop and I can't seem to break the habit..
I surrender !
Woopsy, did I just publicly publish your dark secret to decrease your fame ? ;p tee-hee

Nomatterhow, Mummy will still love you...
but with one condition, STOP lick/kiss me after you eat own poop again..
and STOP hiding your poop under your bed *sweat*

P/s : Kindly ignore my meaty flabby arm and focus only on my EPAL ;)
Thankiu very much for your cooperation
and have a nice pleasant day ahead ;)

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