May 4, 2012

CNY gathering

There is this yearly CNY gathering of me and my ex-SMKCS-ian, which I missed last year ;(

But...... I managed to make it this year *wink wink* Because this year I doesn't need to go India, lucky me. I understand from my senior that they have to go India every single year without missed... but this year, I could escape due to the event falls on end of March and there's a big show in April so my boss decided to pull it off and focus only in KL ;) excited max !!!

But not much photos which I can share over here thou cos most of it, is still with Ychen ;( Please do not blame me for the backdated post.. Kindly blame Ms. Ychen heh ;) *finger pointing*


So every year we held it at Lao Heong, Bandar baru sentul but this year there's 2nd plan which is Overtime @ Jln Ipoh right after the dinner. Aww, you see... they are all grown up now *sob*. Back then, they are sucha innocent and naive cute little pie.. but right now they had turned into a monster who love BEER(s) esp Wong Ee Lynn and Ong Yeen Nee *evil grins*

You see, how happy are these girls with their drinks ;)

Camwhoring in the toilet is a MUST !!!
 From left Nette, HiuMun - moi twins, Summer - my add maths teacher and Yinnie - my crime partner

As for today, I enjoyed the company more than the foods! Perhaps, it just too good to see everyone again after quite sometimes. Obviously, everyone enjoyed catching up with each other and had a great time gossiping heh..


We usually meet up once a year, how sad rite ? But this year we managed to catch up with each other again for Kit's house warming :) Yes, she's engaged ! which mean I should start saving $ for her coming-soon big day..

Group photo :)

Let me show you one of my very good friend back in school. Ms. Lao soo ;) My mum's favourite too. Looking at her, reminds me the good ol' days whereby she will be the first ONE to booked the whole canteen, i mean table for us without missed !!! When she laugh, she really looks like the Laughing Buddha who can mengegarkan the entire 5 Anggerik ;p scary max ! So please do not make her angry or else you'' DOOM ! But I still love her alot because she is irresistibly cute..

You see, she just love to take picture with me as always and I m so freaking tall *wink wink* OKAY, i lied, i tiptoed to look tall wtf but I m still tall lor.. Taller than fourfeetnine ;p She gonna hate me !!!

- The end -

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