Feb 2, 2009


Wee~~~ I'm back now from an amazing holiday! Miss me? I bet u DO *evil grins* I’ve had a very enjoyable Chinese New Year celebration (in Malacca); it was great and happy to see that everybody was doing well. Less photos this year because most of the time my left hand is holding the pineapple tart/cookies and my right hand is busy with can drinks and my mouth was 24/7 overstuffed with lotsa cookies but still I managed to cam whore a few photos though I doubt I’d have time to select and upload them. But I’ll definitely share those pictures whenever they’re ready for viewing. It feels so good to have a holiday out from the city. No stress, no worries but it end so so quickly because I’m not taking the entire week off! Which means, I’ll be going back to KL on the 4th day? Whereas all my friends are off for the entire weeeek. Oh well, life sucks isn’t it! But I’m dealing with it….!

Pictures ahead!

Mum and NetBaby
Baby, Xin and NetBlurry Xin and Me
my next camwhore target -> Bobby Da DogYep, and we still have time to mask
Guess which one is Me

Winner gets a free cup of noodles

O yea, notices any difference of my blog? Yeaps, I changed the layout. No more cute cute templates but a simple one. Nice?! I bet u say YES (Ain’t I’m good in asking and answering question in the same time?) *applause*

Yep, I spend hours and hours on the BlogSpot’s website figuring how to MODIFY it and taadaa! here it is. Cool aye? But I’m still finding it lacking of something. Something that is indescribable, any idea?!!

And yesterday night I have a sleepless night *yawn* yep, I’m still superbly sleepy now. Wanna know what’s the story behind the sleepless night? It’s going to be a long long story but I’m too sleepy to blog about so I’ll just cut it short. Well, my sleepless night is due to one single sentence from my boss “See you on Monday”!! Confuse?! FYI, Monday is city day (public holiday for KL only) but I’m still unsure whether my company is off or not, therefore i’m thinking it all night long and I woke up superb early just to prepare myself to work but who knows my company is closed -_-lll.

- The end -

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