Apr 26, 2009

Daily shit

How come the weekends seem to end so fast?
I really can't account the weekends in my life.
When is it, who I've been and what have i done?

Today i told myself "make the most out of today...
go out and mingle around!
I don't care how HOT is the weather.
But i end up salvaging the last day of my weekend
sitting on the couch, eating,
and doing the one thing I love most which is
clicking, viewing, thinking and purchasing
from blog to blog
No wonder my money in the bank dried off fast and furiously!!

Pst: Any nice blogshops that you would like to share with me ?! *shifty eyes*


Moi short updates :
Monday : On MC !!!
Now i know why every company work5 or 5 1/2 days week only
Tuesday : Back to work
Wednesday : Work
Thursday : Work
Friday : Counting down for weekend
Went out for a drink with friends at Zanzi
Saturday : Treasure hunting at SOHO
Sunday : Playing restaurant city -_-lll

Yep, i know I'm leaving my blog empty for more than a week time
with no updates of my shitty life, dramatic bf/gf stories and daily craps
Ain't my life DULL ?!!!

Eventually reading my blog will automatically lulled into a somnolent state


The End !

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