Apr 11, 2009

Will you still love me tomorrow ?

No turning back !
In fact, i doesn't like my choice
But i need to be responsible on what I've chosen and done

No more living in my princess life
No more pampering
No more surprise
Everything's gone
But i hope everything will be back to normal soon, real soon

And I know u doesn't wanna keep in touch with me nemore
and i know its time for me to be back on my own feet
I know I'm still disturbing u all day long
I've tried to control myself from
dialing your number when eva I'm bored, sad, happy, hungry or PMS
But i can't, cause i used to have you beside me all day long
So i guess
All i have to do is to delete your number
and delete you completely from my life

I know i hurt u deeply
cos our goodbye was so rushed
and it was a lil overwhelming
I just want to let you know :
Back then every single lil thing that u do
make me smile

Thank you for treating me like a princess for the past 3 years!
and thank you for tolerating my princess attitude
altho i know I've been annoying and irritating for
'most of the times'

Thus i just wanted to said that I'll love you truly deeply madly
for the past 3 years

Thank You and Take care !

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