Apr 16, 2009

Net the ATOS driver

This morning, i feel like dragging to work again.. not too sad and yet not too happy too, driving to work is unhealthy (says who? says me) and people already not-into-the-mood and there's a Proton Wira who try to challenge me by overtaking me plus showing me all those nasty hum sup look. Less than a minute, I straight away change gear to overtaked him with those 'cis bedebah' smile altho i'm so eff-ing blur (i'm tot-totally not a morning person, pardon me pls). Anyhoo, I hope he learn from mistakes and understand that "a real driver never use signal for the next move, just cut any lanes when ever I feel to, and " don't you ever dare to challenge me !!!

Talking about driving, i have a long list of grandmother stories to share, stay tune !!!!

Do you know under no circumstances you should not leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you (Yep, ignore the 2 meters theory) or else somebody will fill in that space putting you in an even more dangerous and tragic situation. Yep, its true !!

And seeking eye contact with another driver revokes your right of way. Best ways to greet the drivers was pointing middle finger as compare to giving a 'Hi" hand gesture cos you will always end up breaking leg or hand but this is just a minor case.

Thus crossing two or more lanes in a single lane-change is considered "going with the flow" at least you won’t create chaos by trapped behind those uncivilized tortoise driver who drive 20-40 km/j while braking is to be done as hard and as late as possible to ensure that your ABS kicks in, giving a nice, relaxing foot massage as the brake pedal pulsates. For those of you without ABS, it's a chance to stretch your legs and have a cup of mocha, cappuccino or espresso with both of your hands at the back of your head.

Research proves that a real women drivers can apply face mask and full face makeup at 130 kph in bumper-to-bumper traffic, no wonder woman drivers were so scary. Me myself can korek hidung while rubbing my smelly toe while cornering.. *evil grins*.

Hence, my dad said it's OK to cut off fully loaded semi-trailers, road trains and buses because they have good brakes than our so-called kereta lembu (4WD). Why called as kereta lembu? Because the driver drive like no cow sense at all. Yep, thats my DAD !

O ya, always slow down and rubber-neck when you see an accident or even someone changing a tire, break down or accident. Never ever offer any helps even thou you recognize any of them due to the cruel, dangerous and unpredictable society nowadays.

Last but not least, never take a red light at face value, always look right and left before proceeding but if you’re snapped. Please make sure they take a nice picture of you as it will be taken as your profile picture so say cheese!!!

Yep, thats all. Ain't driving is so enjoyable ?!
The End!

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