Apr 9, 2009

Summon in Malaysia

DBKL, JPJ, Police ain’t environmental friendly at all

Why said so?

Because they issues zillions of summons in just a day

And do you know how many trees were cut down

to produce a single god damn summon ?

NO?! Neither do I. so kindly Google it !

Yep, Net is so EMO because

I just get another summon from DBKL to my collection...

(Twice in 4 days time)

Yep, I hate them very much as they have nothing better to do...

Ain’t they are good in doing nothing

They think they are ultra efficient these days by coming thrice in a row


Well, they are just too FREE only


Keep summon-ing without expanding and upgrading the parking slot

Then for what we need to pay the god damn summon


Discountable / negotiable? No worries! No questions

RM100 become RM30 in a flash;

all you need to do is to show your ugly face

Hence, DBKL kindly thanks me for upgrading your blardy uniform

As I’m one of the contributors too

Btw Net doesn’t love to received your pink love letter

Kindly remove it from my windscreen from now onwards

And stay away from my cute yellow ATOS

Thank you !!!


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