Apr 18, 2009

Dealt with my quiddity

I was planning for hiking or flying kite today,
enjoying the nature warm and serene of the sunlight ..boohoo
maybe even read for a bit lying down on the greeny grass
(I hope none of them will step on me while flying kite)

I mean, it is Saturday.
I should reasonably expect to be able to do all of those things on a Saturday, right?


Its Saturday and i'm sitting here in the office working
Double pay ? Triple pay?
Nope ! not at all..

Six days a week I'm at it,
and on the seventh day I quit.

Outfit of the week:

Purple Stripe Blazer : Vintage
Black Tank Top : MNG
Skinny black pants : Sugar dressing

Pink Sailor Blouse : BKK
Black Cardigan : BKK
Legging : Topshop

Grey complicated long blouse : Korea
Harem Pant : BKK

(FYI, I have 5 harem pants in my closet, t4 im selling the one i bought from Velvet Ribbon altho im loving it so much cause i cannot be so greedy to have 2 harem pants in black.
So i'm selling this

Worn once. RM 38
Kindly email me at ms.lynettee@gmail.com if u'r interested

Maxi Dress : BKK


kiM said...

hello sweetie, so u're back from bkk??how was it??u must be do lotsa shopping huh!!!

Lynette said...

Yep! my BKK was excellent =p
But not enough time to shop all..
Should focus more of my energy and time at Platinum