Oct 12, 2009

3 smelly armpit(s) Part II

Sorry peeps! I hafta divide the same outing into 2/3 entries
as there are too many pix to be bombarded into my blog.. !
so please bare with Net the not so camera shy.. tee-hee

OMG! can u spot the difference ?! Spot as if you're playing Photo Hunt
Look at the colour of the pix..
Gosh! i guess i really shud get myself a new camera..
and pls stop commenting on my big fat, rounded chubby face..

OMFG!! I looks cute in Alyn's camera..*shy*
Don't you think so ?! tee-hee

Ever wonder why u neva saw any passerby in the pix ?
cause its ady 11p.m

Yep, and we're stil lepaking around in the empty mall
even thou all the shops were closed

Clarist acting 007, and Net the 009
Net street fighter-ing clarist with Net's abu~kit~
Lets save da world by destroying Clarist the BIG FAT monsta
(Parents! stop letting ur kid(s) watching Power Puff girls
if you doesnt want ur children to end up like this us)
oh~ i've a sexy back... *shy away*minutes later, we start dancing around like a ballerina
Wee~~~eeee~~~and rosakkan harta benda in the public -_-lll

To be continue again..

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