Oct 12, 2009

3 smelly armpit(s) Part III

I told YOU! tis is going to be a loonnngggg post..

After being chased out from the mall by the security guard,
we make our way out and
look what we saw.. a playground
t4 we ran excitedly to the playground like a 3 yrs old -_-ll

This is Net sitting on the dragon.. i doubt!

or a horse ?
Clarist with her star, but she cant fit her juicy backside on it..boohoo
t4 she invite me to play this..
and this is Alyn with her dolphin
Us pole dancing ?!! hahahahahaha....
Please ignore us the not so feminine..
Anyhoo, I still prefer my Dragon's kungfu more than a pole dancing..

I like this pix (as above) very de muchie!
Us climbing ~~ up~~ uP~~ UP
OMG~ it is soo freaking tired..
yep, sounds like as if we're climbing the Mount Kinabalu -_-lll
wait wait ~ Net not ready yet ~~
how come we're stil remained in the same height,
but luckily we're in different position?!
Did it makes any difference ? NO ?! -_-lll
This is us acting kewl !!!
and mega 'kewl' !!!

Enjoy the following pix, no photo caption available..
as im a lil tired to type nemore

- The End -

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