Oct 2, 2009

Im sucha biatch

im sucha busy bee..
moi life is all about work, work and work..
expo, conference and dinner.. 3 in 1
Busy Bussy Bussyy
Meeting, OT, Appointment !!!
Paperwork , forms, exhibitor manual, dirty tissue and sweet wrapper were all over on my table..
Messy table with messy hair Net *sweat*
(Yeah, I'll comb my hair.... someday) I promise!!

Anyhoo, today imma going to update about :
Jacq's Burfday Celebration

Clarist and me we're deciding to go/not to go
for blardy TWO freaking days.. because

Reason No 1.
We need to dress in white/pink and the themes was : Princess/Prince
Reason No 2.
Basically we're not that close

But we know there are lotsa Food, Cake, Dessert and Leng chai ?!
and food is always our weakness..
T4 we've decided to drop by a while for FOOD,
since both of us were extraordinary free

Yep, thats me in the middle.. Left : Penny, Right: Clarist
OMFG! imma looks so CUTE in this pix.. teehee
Surrounding by young people makes me looks young too.. boohoo

NO! No! Wait a minute, shes not the burfday girl
Let me grab a pix of the burfday girl in FB
Hold on a sec, the internet was excruciatingly slow

I felt so old attending sucha 21st Burfday Bash..
All da leng chai(s) were way younger than me -__-lll FML!!

Pst~ no more bday celeb pls!


Outfit of the day :

Simplicity is moi style
When imma is late,
I'll alwiz grab a tank top (either black/white) n pair it with anythin

Yep, as you may see.. today im late again..
Whose the idiot who creates the snooze system ?!
and i just cant stop my finger from snoozing it 5 times every a.m
its been Net's daily routine.. FML

- The End -

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