Oct 5, 2009

Chic PoP Street Market

Iphone's Calender/Reminder Beeping,
Handphone Non-stop Ringing,
Everyone's Twittering,
Imma goes Psycho-ing..

Mel rang me up on Fri,
Mel : Where the hell u'll b on Sat ?
Me : Zouk
Mel : What time ?
Me : 2
Mel : WTF! 2 ? 1 hour enuf 4 u to bom bom pow onot ?!
Me : Hello?! I mean 2p.m la..adoi
Mel : huh ?! *Blur* Ade apa at there ?
Me : Chic Pop
Mel : Apa tu ?!!
Me : -___-lll *sweat*

Well, imma been waiting for this moment for months..
Imma woke up uberly early that day,
waiting, waiting and waiting for my fren to finish work.
I was so kan cheong!! cant wait to get there
cos Chic Pop have a total of 780 freebies to give away
(while stocks last only)!
Every 11am and 3pm, they will be giving out 195 sample items that include Majolica Majorca's Artistic Nail nail polish, ZA's Pore Smoother & Deep Cleasing Oil, and Biotherm Aqua Source.
Look What i've get ?

FYI, we was stucked for freaking 45 minutes
at the same place, same road and same scenery
We used almost 1 hour and 15 mins to reached the final destination

and TADAA ! Here we are..

Well, well, outside looks normal and calm
But inside its a different story..SORRY for the blurred and bad quality "piccha",
Imma simply took a few pix(s) just to seduced my friend =p
No more extra pix cos Net's hand was busy scuba-diving,
treasure hunting for some great bargains.. boohoo
and Look What I've Found !!!

Tea & Sympathy Earring for RM2I was so crazee with earring nowadays..
See, what I get for myself again..
I've bought lotsa accessories, clothes, floral and etc
Everything not more than RM 100, can u belif it ?!

Wokay, thats all for this month.
No more shopping !! I doubt.. *winkz*

- The End -

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