Oct 12, 2009

3 smelly armpit(s)

Stupid and gross title, i know!
FYI there's a story behind the title?!
and Its a Secret ! boohoo


Picture time!!!

Us eating at BBQ chicken at freaking 10.00p.m for dinner
Yep, this is a new advertisement from BBQ chicken by us ! *winkz*
Clarist with her thumb up! and Net with her yummylicious expression..

Below is the pix of Clarist with her french fries
Clarist with her french fries againClarist with her french fries againnnn
If u ever dare to steal Clarist' food, this is how she'll looks like..
Aint she looks SCARY ?! Yep, she is!oh gawd, can you see me with my spaghetti again..
and Clarist can't stand it NEMORE! boohoo
She feel like throwing up when eva she saw me eating spaghetti
as i ate it almost 5 times every week .. boohoo~ im so addicted to it!

Dinner over

and its camwhore time.. hurray~
after a 20 minutes of camwhore, we start doing silly things
by hiding our big rounded face behind the glasses of drinks -_-lllHmm! altho we're crazy + insane + stupid at times
but we do have a decent looks plus CUTE too!
Ain't we're CUTE ?!
Choose and select your answer as below!
(a) Yes, you're cute
(b) Yes, you're extremely cute
(c) Yes, you're abso-absolutely cute
(d) Yes, you're insanely MEGA cute

Just be honest with me, i won't bite! i doubt ;p

P/s: To be continue

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