Dec 3, 2009


I’m a little freaked out nowadays, looking at my grandma getting older and weaker day by day.

My tears were just out of control when ever I saw how suffering she was in the hosp for the past few days, the tears just welled up in my eyes when ever i think of how ill is my grandma, not deep, convulsive sobs, just slow, heavy tears, in realization at how terribly important she is to me.

So far, I think there's nothing i want more than to sit/sleep on my grandma's lap, enveloped in her embrace. But currently I am happy to be a health care advocate/driver/physical therapist/entertainer/activity director for grandma and I’ll continue to do it-happily.

p/s : kindly ignore mua oh-so-retarded face in this picture taken 4 years ago

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