May 31, 2010


Oh look! I'm blogging!!!

I finally blog after after having a few crappy days in a row,
OK fine.. not all moments were crappy,
but most of them were... FML!!!
*hardslap on forehead*


I suddenly felt so tired, tired of all the crazey outing, hardcore partey and etc . I realized that.. I am too old for it anymore. All I want right now is to stay at home. As in.. my own bed, my smelly pillow, my own bathroom. That home. And oh yes.. and gossiping with my mum, uhm, i mean chatting with my mum til late nights. Now.. that! I really miss the good ol' days.. GASPS!!!
Why suddenly I become so sentimental ?

And I'm very ashamed to say that this is like.. the first time ever that I'm missing moi famiwee (sounds like im far away from home) FML, in a way. *I'm sorry, famiwee, it's not that I don't miss you guys*


Wokay, what now ?!
I've decided not to go out for 2 freaking mths =)
or maybe until Mr. B back ?! uh-oh
Ya, I shud spend more time at home updating my unglam blog,
blogging like 7 days in a row ?! Sounds fun ay ? ;p
*Excited to the max*

Oh yeah! And you know what else I miss?

TV. To be more specific, tv series - TVB series, Gossip girl, Desperate Housewife, Two and a half men, Ghost Whisperer and etc. Hahahahahahaha. I think I might watch a lot of them when I cut down my social outing and revamp my social life although I don't think I have much time, coz I have 2 lil devil to take care at home ;(

Omg! I'll be busy busy busy. But I guess it's quite a good thing for me to be busy now. Gets my mind off some things that I don't want to and shouldn't know about. Teehee.


Oh, on a side note, I had a fruitful trip back in Malacca. No pictures of me but there are few pictures of the food that make me FAT ;(

I purposely wake up early just to eat Chicken rice ball with moi famiwee and then we proceed to Dataran Pahlawan for Uncle's Keong dessert, Shin's Taiwan Osyter Mee-sua and their crispy spicy fried chicken + Milk tea pearl.. Yumm~ and we start hunting for food at Pasar Mlm Malim Jaya - fried osyter, taiwan sausage, curry fishball, nasi lemak, mochi, soya bean, taufu fa, otak-otak and etc.. How am i not to gained 5 kg(s) in 1 freaking day
(-_-lll) FML !!!

Picture time !!!

Uncle Keong's Honewdew Sago

Uncle Keong's Fruitie BirdNest Cost me RM 18

Oyster Mee-sua

I know, lesser pix in my blog as I'm trying to get myself a new camera as my current beloved camera is kinda wonky, urgh..! Been struggling for the past few mths, saving up my arse by cutting down my shopping spree. T4 no outfit post lately too ;p Psst! Anyone out there would like to sponsor me some clothes ? ;p

Anyway, I've been struggling down in between

(a) Canon Ixus 100

(b) Canon Ixus 130

(c) Samsung TL225

(d) Canon PowerShot SD940

Im trying to get either ONE in June, so that I can bombarded my blog with picha again ;p
Stay tune ay !!!

- The End -

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