May 12, 2010

Weekend catch up!

Ok, so I was talking to one of my friend
the other day, and she asked me.. why is it that I don't update my blog that much anymore?


wtf. I honestly, don't exactly know why.

And I just realized that my life is so routine-y and boring

I looks and sounds like I'm freaking busy but
actually I don't know where all my time goes. o_O


And I guess most of the time I don't really know what to blog about, cos I seem to be doing pretty same things everyday. Altho... *wriggle eyebrows* u know.... tee-hee! but this few week has been a tiny bit different! *cough*

Yep, I starts going out for movie.. I know, it sounds so not me.. some more watching movies like Iron Man/Ip Man instead of horror movie.. FML! and i think
the most exciting thing I did last weekend was probably... clubbing with my sorority sista.. Its been mths I'd stepped into the club... Owhh! I miss the smell of the alcohol, cigarette smokes and the sweaty smells of yummylicious guys ;p

Picture time

Less pictures uploaded nowadays, as the poignant me is still hunting for a new camera.. or maybe I lost my camwhore spirit.. Darn! But ain't its a good thing ? Or else you people will starts complaining and criticizing that I'm disturbed ugly camwhore.. FML twice! Besides camera, I'm saving money to buy myself a new mobile phone too.. As my phone is dying off soon.. I'm so broke nowadays !!!

*prays hard that my phone doesn't die til I get a new one*

Anyways. Uhm. Hmm. Okay! I know what to say now!

Next week its karaoke session with the girls.. Can't wait to jump and dance on the sofa like Lady Gaga and sing like Susan Boyle.... huhuhuhu

Outfit of the day :

Green Jumpsuit - Tictactoe28

I looks so fat wearing this jumpsuit..FML!
No wonder I can't tackle any gold turtle on that night ;( Hmmm!

- The End -

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