May 11, 2010

Life as a coordinator

Hurray, my blogging mojo is back
thanks to Dylan who commented on my previous post..
At least i know there is still someone out there
who willing to read my uberly boring emo-ish ramai anak stories ;p

As promised, today imma gonna blog about
DSA 2010 @ PWTC

Well, its a tiring 2 weeks in PWTC
but idk why and how I'll gained 5kg(s) altho I'm busy working like a buffalo.. FML
Everyday woke up at 7 stg and work from 9a.m til 9.30p.m

Altho its a uberly hectic job but its fun to work with the carpenter and electrician..
See, they can even pose while they are busy working and rushing dateline ;p

Pst, I even gained extra income for working as a hostess ;p Whee~
extra income to support my shopping debts.. FML!

Camwhore time !!!

Moi crime partner in UA, Ms Nina Kamal ;p
Check out her sexxyy lips.. even sexier than Amber Chia.. Woot

and thats Abishek =)

O ya, aint i looks good in this baju kebaya ;)
Lotsa ppl took pix wif me on that day
but its all those humsup uncle who just wanna grab/pinch my arse.. FML
Im gonna curse them 99

Last but not least, let me show u the one and only cute guy in UA..

But he's mine... ngek ngek ngek! Jk!
He's only 15 years old.. FML!
This makes me looks and sounds so OLD...
Altho thats the fact bt I stil hating the fact that Im OLD...

- The End -


Dylan Phuah said...

wah, thanks to me yah? i feel so honoured! ^^

rili got hamsup uncle pinching ur ass r? aiyo.. kesian u...

Lynette said...

LOL! You liven up my dead mundane blog, I'm the one who should thanks you...

Seriously! I don't know what so fun about it.. Mayb i shud try grabbing guy's arse and c how exciting is it ;p