May 20, 2010

Have you found Lynette ?

It's been a gloomy and rainy day, funny how the weather depicts my current mood. Yep, something strikes my mind lately again but Im not going to blog bout it and tells the whole gawdamn world of how stupid am I..

All I can said is :
  • I hate myself from jumping into conclusion to fast,
  • I hate myself from being such a despo,
  • I hate myself for being such a dumbo and lacks in PR,
  • I hate myself for revealing myself too much
  • I just hate myself for being so-not-me in front of him.. FML
  • I just duno what's on my mind, maybe I shall just forget about him rather than waiting..

Gee, suddenly I'm craving for something sweet and nice
(choco, ice-creams yumm)

or something warm and fuzzy for my tummy,
definitely something that will make me feel good.

cause I woke up today and i just didn't feel right.
perhaps it's the copious amount of prob that strikes my mind
or maybe cuz my sleeps on the previous night just wasn't good.
I just wanna go back home and sleep like a baby
I wanna sleep and forget everything..
Sometimes I wish that you'll never appear in my life..

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