May 3, 2010

Love ain't easy

Inspired by 黃小琥 : 沒那麼簡單

Someone said it's difficult to find a life partner/ life soul,
But I said its more difficult to find someone who you can click with.
Especially after instances of heart break, betrayal, lies and etc

Love ain't easy
By ignoring everything and become practical.
Perhaps for better, perhaps for worse or getting half each.

Though I don't like the feeling of being lonely,
but I'm slowly getting used to it..
At least I doesnt need to worry, sad or shed tears about someone else,
or be controlled by them.

During weekend, I'll shut off my mobile phone,
Couchpotato-ing comfortably with a cup of hot chocolates with DVD and
become a movie buff..

I think maybe I'm still not ready
as I am still afraid of getting hurt
or maybe I'm still healing my previous wound..
or maybe I've passed the age of dreaming about love,
Passion is not better than calmness.
Happiness is not that easy to attain,
That's why it is so intoxicating.
In the age where I didn't know anything,
It used to be most sincere, and that's why I was happiest.
(In the past)

I shall said missing someone is the saddest thing,
But also the most touching memory.

Pst : God ! Please give me any signal if he's the one that I'm looking for..

- The End -

1 comment:

Dylan Phuah said...

finding a partner is easy but finding someone who really can tolerate with you is hard.

being single, you have freedom but you will be lonely at times...

but when you r lonely, theres alwasy me! give me a buzz...