Dec 5, 2010

3 letters 8 words, say it, i'm YOURS

Everything happen too fast..
Too fast til I hardly digest.. Eff me !

Idk am i ready for it..
idk am i really moved on..
idk !

Cause even til now his face, his smile, our memory are still flashing thru my mind occasionally and I really dunno am I ready for a new relationship after being single for so long... Everyone advice me to give SK a chance as stalking my ex is not an healthy things to do.. I know but I worried I'll hurt SK if things weren't working out..

I know I am a spoil princess whereby its really hard to please me.. altho I doesn't need a vava-voom handsome good-looking bf or a wealthy richly brat, all I need is someone who can make me laugh, understand me and accept all my weaknesses. Yes, I need a TLC (Tender Loving Care) bf..
I am freaking out.. FML !!!

- The End -

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