Dec 10, 2010

The month of Dec, much love !

This year passes so quickly, i could hardly remember what I've did..
Looking at my previous post which I'd updated 2/3 posts in a mth..
but I found nothing! FML

Sometimes i complained too much til I almost forget how lucky I am..
I've a family that loves me and pampers me like a princess
(most of the time)
and I love them more each day..
I've a group of friends who are still there for me, after years of friendship
I appreciate them even more ;)
I've two lovey dovey dogs to accompany me whether they like it or not ;p
I've a car to bring me wherever i wanna go
(only if i know the route)
I've a good paid job and enables me to travel too..

Yes, I really shud stop complaining/whining about the tiniest things
I will grow up and be as independent as i could be

So I am moving forward, and I can't wait to see what's in store for me in 2011..

- The End -

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