Dec 4, 2010

December ♥

Hello DECEMBER !!! That's mean it's time for annual partey and exchanging presents with friends, spending time with familee, enjoying the end year sales, and most importantly vacation from work ;) Yes, I am clearing my working leaves and I am going to the femes island of beer for 3 days 2 nights and the rest will be used for DVD marathon with my bee ♥ much love ! Yes, would be spending most of my time for mua familee ;)


Backlogged pictures from my China trip ;)

My superior twin room @ Sunshine Airport Hotel
(This is the hotel whereby I am sleeping alone)

Second Hotel

Pst ! this is a red hotel.. t4 u'll found lotsa interesting packet in the hotel ;p

The exhibition hall is so empty when we reached there

and this is my boss's favourite restaurant,
the restaurant of all the snake worm rat ant -_-lll FML!!!

Macao !!!

OMG! I am so in love with Macao, i heart their Portuguese style building.. Everything in Macao is much love altho it is hell expensive.. so i focus more in sightseeing and act like a typical kiasu kampungish tourist that can't stop taking picture ;p

Pictures are all taken @ Tai San Pa (a place that full of beautiful church)
The only place to visit as we only have few hours before our flight ;(

- The End -

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