Mar 29, 2010

Being me

This month had been a loooonnnggg month.
I've been thinking a lot, it made me realize a lot,
it made me learn a lot, it hurt me a lot but it taught me how to appreciate a lot.
It's been insane month.. Fuh!
I'm anticipating the end of this month, looking forward to next month!
Brand new month and brand new outfit *me lub* =)
Imma thinking how am I going to spend my salary again
*wink wink*

Drove down to the city twice this month,
nothing new and nothing interesting at the moment.
Camera is still down but am really hunting for a good deal on the Canon Powershot S90.
I also find it extremely difficult to survive without a camera,
it's really driving me nuts.
I have also had sinful desires for lotsa clothes lately,
very shamelessly so.
Really looking forward to the weekends, I think I deserve a break,
I've been exhausted this entire month.

Summary of the week

1. I've chopped off my hair

2. Make sushi for mua family last weekend,
omg, imma good daughter + future wife *wink wink*

Outfit of the day
Dressing simple definitely made my day..
It makes me feel so incredibly beautiful today.
til I want to run around outside like a child and soak up the sun.
If only!

- The End -

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