Mar 7, 2010

What shud i name my new guitar ?

So it has been quite some time since I blogged.
7 days / a week perhaps.
Wondering what have I been busy with ?
To be true, absolutely nothing.
Naise! Thumbs up

Did I tell YOU that I've start working dy ?!
Yes, I m back to the odd working world again..
Am still not too sure what to expect out but.. life goes on..

No happening events happen on me lately,
so no recent pictures update sorry


- Summary of the week -

Monday : Work, Eat, Sleep andreceived a letter from Amy *finally* ;-)

*Appreciate it lotz* Lub YOU.. muakx

Tuesday : Meet up with Mr.M to discuss horoscope

He'd appeared in my radar more than 10 years ago when I least expected you to. That was also because you're a super good gay friend with my idiotic cousin bro. And I never would have imagined we could be such a good friend now. Call it luck, fate, whatever.

Wednesday and Thursday : Eat, sleep and work

Friday : Meeting my new boyfriend

*Special and many thanks to my beloved enemy for getting this for me*

Anyway, any idea of what should i name my new hubby ? instead of calling him Darling or Dear ? *After a long hour of consideration of, 5 secs to be true* I think I... SHOULD.

T4 I sat there brainstorming for a kewl name, and it aint easy, esp its for my hubby.
I can't wait to get off work and enjoy some quality time with my new hubby!
Aint I m the best girlfriend ever! *gulp*

Dear Enemy,

Don't worry, I'll treat him gently ;p
I'll never let him go in my life, I swear!

Exoh : Lynette the Moo

- The End -

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