Mar 25, 2010

Inner beauty vs Outer appearance

Quote of the day :
I don't think im a beauty nor a beast but I think I've inner beauty ;)

by Lynette Lee

There is never an instance in which inner-beauty
outshines or overpowers outer appearance.

Wokay, I heard u. I know some of you may disagree... but I think inner beauty is all well and good but a person must still have something that is outwardly attractive to you in order for you to become attracted to them. This is human nature, I shall said its human tendency!!!

Then there’s this other thing I call the “unexplainable-love” syndrome. You know what I’m talking about? Like say you meet this girl or maybe you just saw her for the first time, her face was all scrunched up & you dismissed her. She’s not your cup of tea, you doesn’t like her freaky attitude, she has no fashion sense, her nose is too big with big small eyes, totally looks like an alien or WHATSOEVER. But THEN you see her again, you've talk to her, understand her and knowing her deeply or etc. and…you realized she’s not as bad as she was the time before. Then you keep seeing or talking to her & the more she’s around, the less you dislike her or the more you begin to forget why you didn’t like her and start attracts by her.

You know what I’m talking about now?

I mean she’s still that same old wide nosed girl, big small eyes & can’t dress that well BUT when you look at her…her nose doesn’t look THAT wide ANYMORE and u cant see her so-called bulu hidung.. As conclusion, you're just attracted by her so-called Inner Beauty

Now some of you would say that this is a case where inner-beauty outshines outer-beauty but…YOU’RE STILL WRONG!!! hahaha!!! (Please kindly HATE me as usual, I don't bite) If this were the case then I could account for girls like me who have great personalities *cough* but you would never ever wanna date me because imma “ugly” person. The thing I find remarkable about most people (men and women) is that they don’t really know what draws them to a person. Be it her lips, or her smile, the way she walks or the length of her hair, there is SOMETHING that must satisfy you outwardly in order for her insides to be efficient. I highly doubt it. Moreover quite often I find that a lot of people use “inner beauty” as an excuse when they are ashamed to say that they do in fact find their significant other or the person they’re “talking to” attractive. 1 word, BULLSHIT!!!

Anyway, GIRLS OUT THERE ! Don’t let people talk down to you! I know whats the shitty feeling when people starts criticizing you, talking bad and comparing you with others. But somehow I belief one day there's someone out there who will accept who we are - every of our weaknesses would be somewhat he's blindly in love with...

I am still who I am..

- The End -

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max said...

Loving to love n care all the good n bad things that the person have..."Love is blind"...nobody is perfect..;)

So if u really love that person...jst b who u r..."Love is so powerful which can create miracle n happiness" jst think positive to all...

in this world there r millions on ppl...when two ppl can get in love...we call it "faith"....

we dun know wat will happend tml...but jst enjoy everyday in love n happily togather...