Mar 14, 2010

Monster wedges

Apologies for the consistent lack of updates, will attempt to summarize my entire week right now! The week was incredibly fast with work, gossips, shopping, partey and whatnot. Wen bring me along to her friend's burfday partey at Luna Bar on Friday, which was pretty fantastic though the DJ was really crap but I had a really good time. On Saturday, I went drinking with my idiotic cousin bro and friend, I know it sounds awkward plus weird, luckily its nt as bad as it sounds thou. Basically my weekends was fun but not as great, cause is extremely short.

And sudd I missed the day where we rocked up friend's home with a bit of tidbits and lots of liquids of course, imma bit of cramming to do this on next weekend, I miss the good ol' days =(

- The End -

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