Mar 22, 2010


Before I decided to sit down, sweat like a pig and write this piece of bollocks I was having this internal debate with one of my other personalities if I should cook myself a bowl of tomyam instant noodles. Why you ask? Well, if you have not paid attention, I can tell you for the third time that I m insanely hungryyy... FML!

I have been terribly busy and swamped by event invitations yet again ....
my goodness
I've been spending late nights and my social life is now zero
(not like I had a social life to begin with) FML!

On a lighter note, I got lots of pics I wanna post and stories to go along with em.
But I am so pissed out with my current camera..
I think its time for me to buy myself a new camera..
(Excited yet motionless)

M thinking of Olympus PEN E-PL1 or Canon PowerShot S90...

Anyway, before you continue to read this blog or whatever I have to call it, I must warn you doing so might be a matter of life and death. Well, not really; it might be more correct to say it will probably cause utter frustration and confusion. If you are happy to be confused, frustrated and just annoyed by the extreme chaos and intangibility reeking from this written things; be my guest and read it. I do not care really, only if I annoy you. Sounds serious don't I ? LOL! Kidding! Well, its just a normal boring post as usual, a lil bit long-winded as compare to my usual post ;p thats all !

It seems that I have again been struck by writer’s block. It of course does not help me that the temperature is so inhumanly high. It is almost midnight and I am sweating very mildly. Never the less, talking about the weather tends to be boring and just a mere observation at that certain point; unless you are a meteorologist.

FYI I always had a problem in differentiating good friend, close friend and toxic friend, idk why but when it happens too often it can be a bit annoying, and worrying even. It might be because I have been under a lot of stress lately. More or less stress created by idiot myself for not understanding my own actions and choices.

It is a mad world we live in.


Casly Burfday Partey

Outfit of the night

- The End -

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