Mar 31, 2010

Daily makeup

Type. Delete. Type. Delete. Type. Delete.
Type. Delete. Type. Delete. Type. Delete.
Type. Delete. Type. Delete. Type. Delete.

Blogging seems so hard for me at the moment..
Yes, I lost my blogging mojo again
*hard slap on my forehead*
I've been telling Eric that I feel like deleting this unglam porky blogy,
cos my blog is sooo eff-ing booriiiing
and I've not been updating anything interesting
moreover my sisa sisa hidup in KL is just aint interesting
*harder slap on my forehead*

What happen to the porky me la wey ?

Maybe I shall try to revamp my blog
Lets try something new *wink wink*
Lets blog about my new hobby which I think its quite interesting

Today imma going to blog about my daily make-up

1. BB cream - All this while, I've been using Gowoonsesang brand (RM 79 @ SASA) but now I've changed to The Face Shop (Burfday pressie from cuz)
2. Revlon ColorStay eyeliner RM 29.90
3. Empro triangle eyebrow RM 49.90
4. Babypink lip gloss from Korea
5. Cybercolors pink blusher RM 39.90 @ SASA
(New member)

and if I'm heading out for special occasion, I'll be putting on my falsie

6. Cecil eyelashes Glue RM 29.90 @ SASA

- Outfit of the day -

I'm back with outfit update,
don't you miss mmmm....yyy outift ?! LOL!
I know, not much of outfit update lately
cos Nuffnang doesnt feed me well ;p JK

Checker dress from Spore

Anyhoo, Imma thinking how should I spend my first ever salary from this new comp *Jumping in joy*
But firstly I need to buy myself :-

1. Slipper for office usage
2. Sneakers for exhibition
3. Pillow to hug in office
4. Biscuit, snacks and sweets for office
5. Thumb pin to pin my silly porky pictures at my place
6. Canon Powershot S90
7. Clothes, clothes and more clothes.. tee-hee
8. A bf ? *LOL* jk

- The end -

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