Jul 27, 2010

How to shop wisely

Hey there, today I'm going to list down ONE of my USEFUL shopping tip which really save my arse...

First thing first, you need to control yourself...
so that you will avoid impulse purchases
and instead buy items you need...
( I know it aint EASY )

FYI Sg Wang and Times Square KL is my favourite place for shopping whereby people always proclaims that's a Lala-land which you couldnt find any trendy yet stylo clothes or you'll end up buying the same clothes that you'll end up bumping with passerby often... or you'll realized people whispering in front of you that you're wearing a RM25 clothes altho u looks gorgeous on it..

Thus people will start spending their blardy hardly earned money at F21, Zara, Topshop... to decrease the percentage from appearing wearing the same clothes in any events... But it still the same and even more worst as it's selling worldwide


Anyway, i better stop my ramai anak story and start revealing my useful secret of shopping wisely

I know u beh tahan ady...

Secret revealed : Walk around before you buy the first thing that you see.
Check other stores that carry the same styles and compare prices
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E.g: You can find lotsa nice RM20 clothes whereby u can't find it from any other shops and sometimes u'll end up buying clothes which cost u a BOOM but its selling at RM 25 @ Sg wang/ TS

Wanna have a peeps on my last weekend shopping spree with Yinnie ?
RM 250 for 13 vava-voom outfits... fml!

OMFG! bread for lunch for the entire week ;(

- The End -

1 comment:

kiM said...

i love times square and sungai wang too!! best place to dig cheap yet nice clothes!!! me love!!