Jul 14, 2010

Scandalous trip

I'm back from my scandalous getaway =)
in the same time celebrating Yinnie's 24th burfday ;p
LOL! I die die also wanna highlight how 'OLD' she is..
with bold and largest font!
Luckily she doesnt have my blog, or else I'll doom..

Warning ahead !!! this blog would be bombarded with my fatty pix as usual
more than scenery or food pictures.. tee-hee

This is me !!!
Too excited til in the opis, t4 i cant stop camwhoring
while Ai Lin is @ my back playing bejeweled blitz ;p

Us, while waiting for Yinnie who are superb late

Ychen and Net in the car,
Ychen is almost going to kicked me out from the car...

We stayed at Number 20 @ Jonker
Not bad, nice guest houz but its not too convenient and
altho the gay owner looks yummylicious and musculine ;p

We quickly fill our stomach once we checked-in

Our late lunch @ Number 88 with their
famous Asam Laksa and Durian Cendol

Us busy eating while there's another bowl beside me,
guess whose one was that ;p

Eat til sweating -_-lll

Picture time =)

After that, we went to Capitol for their famous Satay Celup
But the queue is freaking crazeeee altho its only 5.30p.m

T4 we changed our plan to Dataran Pahlawan for cakes ;p

My tiring face after all the talking, walking, gossiping and eating session

After that, I brought them to my favourite
Oyster Mee sua @ Dataran Pahlawan

and then SHOPPING !!!

After that, we went back to Jonker for
fried ice-cream, taiwan sausage, bubble tea, fried oyster, curry fish balls, mo-chi and etc

Later on, we went back to the guest houz and start
dressing and dolled up for Jason's birthday partey @ Arena
Yes, its been a tiring yet hectic day for me ;(
t4 u can see how tired is my face..

and here is a picture of my leng lui-est friend - Siowen
I know most of you who stil viewed my blog is because of her
so here is it !!!

Outfit of the day =)

We're back from the partey !
and its time to clean up and have a good sleep

The next day !!
I know i looks like a dead pig over here...
after gossiping with Wen and Yinnie
til almost 5 in the morning


Breakfast time !
Me preparing breakfast for them =)

Picture time again !

Thats all for today

- The end -

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