Jul 21, 2010

Mosquitoe's Birthday

Happy Burfday my dear
Lil MosQtoe !!!

YES, she's the one I heart ♥ the most..

You are always by my side supporting me morally and psychologically,
basically that was what I needed... the most ♥

I'm really happy to have you in my life =)

I hope you've a WONDERFUL burfday tis year =) and ahead! although I know we cant be with each other as usual cause you'll be far away from me in time being. Therefore, I'm gonna enjoy every possible moment with you now

- Picture of the day -

Karaoke Buffet @ Neway, Timesquare

and sexy leg of the night ;p
*hard-slap on forehead*

Cake attack session

and kissing session ;p

Spotlight of the night ;-)
Aint shes pretty ?
But shes mine... ;p

Our favourite spot to camwhore

AWAS !! You're entering Nette's crappy blog

Pictures from Chan Kok Foong
(Photographer of the day)

Can u see my double chin ? Shit me ;(
I really shud stop eating !!! STOP !!!

Gee, my drumstick is so freaking BIG..fml

Last but not least, heres a picture of me to end this post =)

- The End -

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