Jul 7, 2010


Sorry for the disappearance again...
Been really busy lately with works and most importantly I'm fully attached with fb's games - Night club, Restaurant City, Bejeweled Blitz, Cafe Life...
Yinnie said I can even publish a book with the title
"Nette's life with Facebook games" wth.. fml!!!

BTW, I've been spotted in a r/s by friends -_-lll
cause I've been hanging out kinda frequently with a guy
to Qba @ Westin Hotel, Library @ Cineleisure, Regget @ Jln Alor and etc
but they doesnt know the guy that they are mentioning
is actually my idiotic cousin bro *sweat*

Anyway, here is some pictures of my darling sorority sista

Can't you see how pretty and gorgeous she is,
I am totally OVERSHADOW-ed by her...
So how is it possible for me to find myself a bf.. *sweat*

Moreover I cant stop myself from eating,
and i realized i getting fatter and fatter..
Chubbyness, Double chin, flabby underarms, big beer tummy is all freaking visible and noticeable .. fml! HELP !!!

Anyway, here is a kiss for my darling...
Happy Burfday in advance =)
(Forced by CKF)

Last but not least, another picture of us in the
Yep, the favourite and IDEALISTIC spot to camwhore

- Adios -

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