Jul 22, 2010

Little vanilla

I know, I have not been taking much photos recently but I promise I will, somehow and soon as the weather was drizzly and rainy lately which affects my mood in dressing up. Haha ! trying to push all the blame to Mr. Weather..
Sorry Mr.Weather! ;p

Anyway, i think there are something wrong with fashion sense lately, something very wrong with it, seriously wrong which causes me to received lotsa complaints from them (as stated below)

1. Fei Lek says I looks like a "Sakai" who escape from Jungle
2. Aunty says I hafta learn what is fashion and learn how to wear a proper clothes from now on
3. Nina says I looks like Philippine got talent with the famous horse sound maker
4. Ai Lin says I hafta stop wearing those oversized clothes and starts wearing according to my age and my size..fml!


Here are some backlog outfit photo(s) found in my Iphone

Thrifty clothes from cuzzie
(I love all her thrifts which save me lotsa $)

My favourite polka romper from BKK
(Kindly ignore my messy hair and sleepy face)

My current new obsession :-

(a) Big oversized batwing top
(b) Jeans shorts

Pst! Sorry for the bad quality and boring unglam outfit photo

and here is a pix of my favourite purchase of the week ;)

And here is a picture of my make up of the day !
OMFG! I love it ;)

- The End -

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