Jul 22, 2010

Downtown girl

Been going out quite frequent with cuzzie...
Its like almost 24/7.. fml!!!
Everything was still wokay til last Saturday..

We drove up to Genting for live band, hoegarden,
gossips, photographs, shisha, Starbucks and etc...
from 9p.m til 5.30a.m.. wtf
I shud had just stayed at home cuddling with my dogs,
catching my favourite HK drama series or porno(s)... fml!

During this few freaking hours,
I realized guys can be a real bastard when they start gossiping about girls... Revealing all their shitty attitude when they cant seems to tackle the girls that they like, t4 they'll start badmouth-ing the so-called 'biatch'... Each of them (incl. me) have a special-made mask to cover the real us but you're definitely more successful than me bcos you're able to fake it and you've got it made...
and its creepy and scary... So i think its better to keep a distance between us from now on...

But there are another things that annoyed me the most
is they took me as a joking matterial and I felt spectacularly used...
They keep talking, joking and hard selling/ promoting me,
as if I'm a reject items that had been place in Reject Shop for century...
and fyi, I am happy with my current singlehood
and please do not used me as a stepping stone..
and starts caring for the people around you..

Altho I always end up being the second selection/choices but I'll rather not to accept sucha great deals than keep being categorize as the second options in my life... I know I am as stubborn as the cow and I'm not gorgeous, pretty, outgoing or etc but I am happy of who am i at the moment than to fake it...

- The End -

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