Jul 8, 2011

The End

Its 1:44 a.m and yet I m sitting here blogging instead of taking my beauty sleep. Ya, I know. I really have nobody to turn to except my blog so t4 i decided to blog. FYI i m so eff up nao, yes, really eff up. I did something really shit. I broke up with SK *applause* Yes, i leave him at the moment whereby he need people the most. Unfortunately I m not the person who could go thru mountain and hill with him. But anyhow, it's still the best 7 mths i ever had

Yes, i quarrel with him hours ago. I was so mad at him because he chose to find his friend instead of accompanying me. He knew the only time we can meet is after my working hour, he did complain about the time shortage and yet he stil decided to go out - meeting a friend of him whereby he is seeing him 4/5 times a week and they just meet up from 1p.m til 6p.m TODAY.

Altho I m kinda irritating at times but I wun stop him to meet his friend, if ONLY, they meet up once a week or etc. But they just meet TODAY ! Waa-lah! Yes, I know most of you will said I m sucha irresistibly annoying spoilt gf but you doesn't know how much tears I'd cried, how many minutes I'd worried about him - esp nao - whereby he is in the police station, and I m sitting here - not knowing what happen. Most importantly i have yet to received any SMS from him altho I'd sent millions of godamn SMS.

This is the first time that my heart ache so badly. Zero news from him terrified me hell lots, guess I shall just sit here waiting til sun rise.

- The End -

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