Jul 12, 2011

Farewell to my beloved sis

Its sad to see how empty is her table on first day early in the morning.. Still couldn't get used to it, yes, I'm facing the wall all by my own now. Duh~ I definitely gonna miss your ka-chiing ka-chiiing ka boom ka boom bejeweled sound effect ;p Yes, I miss how both of us were so crazey beating each other scores every week..

Idiot ! How could you tidy-up the your desk till so clean, hardly find a single dust on your table-top too..

Btw I know you are much happy now, hardly listen to you complaint once you'd tendered your resignation and I m so happy for you ;)

Oh-gawd, never thought we had been working together for freaking 16 months long. Yes, I know, it kinda bored to see each other 5 1/2 days every single week. Same here! You think im not bored ? ;p Kidding ! Moreover, we'd been roommates for almost 2 mths long in China and India - miss those moment whereby we beer every single night before we dozed off, ordered room service for supper, gossips and etc.

I know I have my weird moment too, thanks for being so tolerate and teaching me hell lots of things. Appreciate lots !

Gee, i hate to said it but eventually i have to admit that I m missing u so badly. Looking at all the sticky-notes that you wrote, ain't fun at all thou.

Anyhoo, I hope work may keep me busy so that I can forget you ASAP ;p tee-hee! ~

Take care and love you ! Hopefully we could still stay in touch ;) I guess it's not a problem after-all as I m disturbing you every single second via MSN ;p mua ha ha ah ~

Lynette Lee
(Your idiotic colleague)

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