Jul 18, 2011

Viva La Bazaar @ V1 Concept Restaurant, Puchong

Blog-a-doodle-doo ;)

A very up-to-date blog of Viva La Bazaar @ V1 Concept Restaurant, Puchong
17th July 2011
(Im sucha good blogger, don't I ? No more backdated blog) ;p

FYI I was so kan-cheong and I spent almost everyday packing all my pre-loved and brand new clothes to sell-off during the entire week, yes, 4 big bags without realizing.. *Big achievement*

Self-pat !

Never been to Viva La Bazaar before but I heard so much from random bloggers..

Let's see the past few bazaar organized by Jacq

Jacq G

After reading lotsa good comment, i decided to participate as a vendor ;)

17th July 2011, Sunday

Woke up uberly early on Sunday, yes, the only day I can sleep til the sun shine my backside til roasted..wtf ! and the brilliant me, dragged SK, Yinnie and Epal along ;p I know I am so evil but I don't care ;p

That's me busy arranging clothes ? ;p altho I looks like gossiping more ;p

btw I have my serious moment too kay..
(Don't I looks gorgeous while Imma bz) ;p

Wa~laaaah.. Finally all the clothes are on the rack ;)

My fav lacey jeans of the day ;)

Not really have enough time to walk-thru all the booths, t4 i just simply snapped few random pictures to feed my unglam blog

Photos are all taken by my new S95 ;) *much love*

I finally bought myself a Canon S95 (after so long, I know)
yes, a gift for myself after working so hard for 16 mths ;)

- The End -

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