Oct 2, 2007

Yellow da mellow

Aloha !! its me again *wink wink*
Lets talk something yellow today *evil grin*
Wait a minunte….
I mean yellow the DIGI man, not those sexual thingy
Ew, dirty-minded
Let’s not talk about sex for jus ONE day… for god sake *bua ha ha ha*

You know wert !!
I am super in love with DIGI advertisements
See -->


This -->

And this --->

Cute rite ?
I bet this ad had impressed thousand and millions of people
Altho I love their ad bt still it doesn’t magnetize me to change to DIGI user *sad*
Never mind, now im helping you guyz to promote *wink* FOC of cos
Bcos there aren’t any viewer in this blog yet *sob*
I was looking for their songs … Anyone have it ?
Mind to share it with me ? * blink blink, muz act innocent abit *
I jus have the Malay version ><” *sobz* When I was surfing the net … I found this, I dunno u guyz saw it b4 o nt… BUT still I wanna share it over here in my blog….

Check it out ^______^


gueSS whO aM i said...

so u like yellow da mellow because they also got chubby face, flabby arms, adn lil tummy huh??


gues who am i said...

1 more comment~
make uR bLog mOre pInK leH..