Oct 22, 2007

i am so.... happy *snort*

Basically life is composed with not only the happiness and fun, but also the sadness and depression. Everyone gets in a bad mood sometimes but I gets bad mood most of the time. I guess I have anger management problem. I really think so. I get irritated very easily. I have low tolerance for stupid behaviour. Everything pisses me off when I step into college.

Yeah!! Yeah!! I have the worst, craziest, most random mood swings! Seriously, my mood can change drastically in a matter of moments, and cover all spectrums... like, 1 minute I’m happy, then next I’m suicidally depressed but for the reason of college most of the time. I feeling like a different person, I don't want a new personality! I wonder how am i goin to control my roller-coaster emotions. I don’t want to feel so morose and down in the dumps for the entire semester.

I find myself getting irritable for almost no reason and suddenly feeling down without knowing why. I feel so boredom and hopelessness when I’m having class the next day and It’s not that temporary occurrence or from something significant. I really can't stand myself sometimes. And the guilt I feel for having a lack of control over my moods is very frustrating. I can not seem to shake this horrible mood I have been in for days now. I was in a REALLY bad mood...so I blog my feelings out instead of reading da WWF website for tml’s meeting *snort* however i’m nt going *hahahaha!!* I feel pity for those who’re in same grp with me. Yeah !! Yeah !! i’m so bad, u can just curse me as how many times as u want.. *yawn*

After all this long grandmother story, I just want to switch off the light and get some sleep. *yawn*

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